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RetractaPost is AUTOPA's brand name for Retractable Bollards, Telescopic Bollards and Posts. We offer Retractable Bollards in a wide range of sizes in three functional designs; The Original RetractaPost, which is locked by a padlock, the RetractaPost-GL, which is operated by High Security 7-pin integrated lock which is located in the socket and the RetractaPost-TLT, which has the same High Security 7-pin integrated lock but located at the top of the post.  All RetractaPost's are manually operated, however the larger sizes are 'Lift-Assisted' to reduce the lift up weight of the post.
AUTOPA RetractaPost 90-745 (Galvanised) AUTOPA RetractaPost-GL 90-745 (Galvanised) AUTOPA RetractaPost-TLT
RetractaPost RetractaPost-GL RetractaPost-TLT
Retractable Security Post
Integrated Ground Lock
Retractable Security Post
Integrated Top Lock 
Retractable Security Post
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