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( General News )

Having problems with unauthorised parking? From Parking Posts to Perimeter Barriers, AUTOPA has solutions to suit every site.

( Product Profile )

As the popularity of cycling continues to grow, so does the need for ample cycle parking. High density products are a clever way to maximise the number of spaces on a site.

( Product Updates )

2017 is set to be another busy year at AUTOPA. We have a range of new products in development for launch this year; follow the link to see what's in the pipeline!

( Product Profile )

A bench by the beach or seats at a school; at AUTOPA , we manufacture benches and seats to suit every project, but which one is right for you?

( Installation Hints & Tips )

How much space should be left between benches in a high traffic pedestrian area? Follow the link to find out.

( Installation Hints & Tips )

Benches by the beach, or seating at school; different projects have different needs. AUTOPA’s seating products use a variety of materials to suit any site, but every installation is different…

( Installation Hints & Tips )

As the evenings close in use Illuminated Sheffield Cycle Stands to effectively light cycle parking areas. Find out how here.

( Installation Hints & Tips )

Do you need to change the lock on a hinged parking post? Follow the link to find out how.

( Installation Hints & Tips )

Double height cycle racks are quickly becoming the cycle rack of choice in the UK. Don’t miss out, find out how to install here!

( Product Maintenance )

Sheffield Cycle Stands are well-known for their long lifespan, but some simple checks can make them last even longer.


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