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The VELOPA Sheffield Cycle Stand

VELOPA Sheffield Cycle Stands

The VELOPA Sheffield Cycle Stand.
Prices from £35

We first introduced our 'Bicycle Security Stand (model n) Sheffield Style' in 1994 and have been continually producing them ever since.  One of the reasons for the enduring popularity of the design is its simplicity, a tube of steel with two bends which allows for two bicycles to be lent against it and attached using the users own bicycle lock.  It's hard to find a town or village in the country that doesn't have a Sheffield Cycle Stand, and as one of the original producers, chances are it was made by AUTOPA!

Since the introduction of the VELOPA Sheffield Cycle Stand we have been continually developing the principle to provide a greater range of choice, but we have always stuck with the same basic recipe - materials robust enough to be used in public spaces and protection for the materials to ensure they look good for years; we always galvanise our mild steel products and finish our stainless steel to a very high standard.  It is possible to find a Sheffield Bike Stand for less than our product, but ours last decades.

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