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Cycle Parking and Storage Products

AUTOPA offers a comprehensive range of cycle parking and cycle storage products.  Our ranges include Cycle Holders, Cycle Stands, Cycle Racks, Cycle Shelters, Cycle Compounds, Cycle Lockers, Motorcycle Security and Products for Kids.

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Cycle Stands

Our Cycle Stands product group consists of our Heritage Cycle Stands, Classic Cycle Stands, Contemporary Cycle Stands and Secure Cycle Stands.  The Heritage Cycle Stands Range includes our most traditional style of Bicycle Stands and are based around designs we first introduced in the 1950's.  Our Classic Cycle Stands Range is centred around the most familiar bike stand in the UK; The Sheffield Cycle Stand, we introduced our first Sheffield Cycle Stand in 1994 and have been manufacturing the design ever since.  The Contemporary Range are designs that are a little more extrovert, yet retain all the practicality of the Sheffield Cycle Stand, these designs are also intended to complement a number of our Bicycle Shelters.  Our Secure Range of Bike Stands have taken everything we've learned about bicycle security and combined it into a range of Cycle Stands that will ensure that any thief would have to be very, very determined to make away with any bicycle locked to one of these bike stands.  Find out more...

Cycle Racks

The VELOPA range of Cycle Racks include some of the most familiar cycle racks used in the UK.  Our Heritage Range of Cycle Racks have been in constant use since the 1950's throughout the country, their on-going popularity is based upon the simplicity of their design and the cost-effective pricing structure.  All Racks within the Heritage Cycle Rack Range are based on the Model R and Model SR(V) Cycle Holders, but are incorporated into wall or floor mounted racks in a variety of configurations.  The Classic Cycle Rack Range incorporates the Sheffield Style Toastrack which is based upon the Sheffield Cycle Stand, other products in the Classic Cycle Rack Range include the Semi-Vertical Cycle Rack, for locations where space is at a premium and the Type H Cycle Rack which is a modern interpretation of our Heritage Cycle Racks.  As the manufacturer we are able to ensure that we can offer a Cycle Rack to fulfil virtually any requirement, so if you require a bespoke cycle rack solution that we don't currently offer we would be pleased to work with you to develop a solution to meet your specific needs. Find out more...

Cycle Shelters

VELOPA Cycle Shelters are available in three distinct ranges; Heritage, Classic and Contemporary.  Our Heritage Range are our most cost effective shelters, based on a design first established in the 1950's, these shelters are ideal where storage of cycles is of paramount importance.  The Classic Range includes our most popular Cambridge and Canterbury Cycle Shelter designs, all Cycle Shelters in the Classic Range are extraordinarily robust and are therefore suitable for the most demanding situations.  Our Contemporary Range has been developed to take account of all the knowledge we have gained from producing cycle shelters for over fifty years and incorporated the latest roofing materials to ensure these shelters are a complement to every environment.  Find out more...

Cycle Compounds

VELOPA Cycle Compounds are designed for sites where added security over a standard cycle shelter is desirable, AUTOPA is pleased to offer a choice of two Cycle Compounds.  These secure Cycle Compounds are based on two of our most popular Cycle Shelters, the Boston and the Stratford.  When placed face to face with a mesh gate at one end and a fixed panel at the other end, these shelters combine to form our Cycle Compounds.  Both the Boston and the Stratford Compound share a basic design, the Boston is particularly heavy duty construction, while the Stratford is equally robust but made from lighter weight materials.  Both the Boston and Stratford Cycle Compounds can also be specified with an infill central roof panel, colour coated finish and a wide range of locking options. Find out more...

Cycle Lockers

The VELOPA Cycle Lockers are available in a range of solutions; including Horizontal Cycle Lockers, Vertical Cycle Lockers, Enclosed Cycle Lockers and Mesh Cycle Lockers.  We offer Cycle Lockers with both integrated locks and padlockable options.  The VELOPA range of Cycle Lockers has been designed to meet the needs of all environments, whether domestic, business or public.  Each Cycle Locker in the range is manufactured to order at our Rugby Works, and because each locker is made to order we can accomodate a wide range of options.  Our Cycle Locker range shares the same high standards of durability, strength and security that is consistent throughout our entire range of VELOPA Cycle Parking Products.  Find out more...

Motorcycle Security

VELOPA Motorcycle Security products are designed to offer high levels of parking security for motorcycles.  The range consists of three products; The Motorcycle Security Barrier, which is based on a standard perimeter barrier, but with the addition of a central horizontal rail and the inclusion of steel bars in the legs and rail to greatly increase the difficulty of cutting through the tube.  The Motorcycle Security Loop - Bolt Down is a surface fixed loop for attaching a security chain between the motorcycle and the loop.  The Motorcycle Security Loop - Cast In is a variant of the Bolt Down Security Loop but is cast into the ground to offer an even more low profile installation.  All products in the VELOPA Motorcycle Security Range offer high levels of security for motorcycles attached to them with a high quality chain and lock.  Find out more...


The VELOPA Kids Range covers two products, the Kids Scooter Rack and the Junior Sheffield Cycle Stand.  Both products are designed specifically for use by children.  In response to the on-going popularity of childrens scooters, we have evolved our classic Sheffield Cycle Stand to encourage safe and secure parking.  We are able to manufacture the Kids Scooter Rack to suit any number of Scooters and because we are the manufacturer we are also able to coat the rack to virtually any colour.  The Junior Sheffield Cycle Stand is a reduced size version of our original Sheffield Cycle Stand, which we can again coat to any colour requirements.  Find out more...


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