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Cycle Lockers

2013 VELOPA (Cycle Lockers - Price List)

The VELOPA Cycle Lockers are available in a range of solutions; including Horizontal Cycle Lockers, Vertical Cycle Lockers, Enclosed Cycle Lockers and Mesh Cycle Lockers.  We offer Cycle Lockers with both integrated locks and padlockable options.  The VELOPA range of Cycle Lockers has been designed to meet the needs of all environments, whether domestic, business or public.  Each Cycle Locker in the range is manufactured to order at our Rugby Works, and because each locker is made to order we can accomodate a wide range of options.  Our Cycle Locker range shares the same high standards of durability, strength and security that is consistent throughout our entire range of VELOPA Cycle Parking Products.

VELOPA Mesh Vertical Tapered Cycle Locker VELOPA Mesh Vertical Cycle Locker
Mesh Cycle Locker Clad Cycle Locker
Prices from £499 £599 £699 Prices from £879
VELOPA MM2 Cycle Locker      
MM Cycle Locker      
Prices from £3,146      

(All prices exclude VAT & Delivery)


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