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The VELOPA Banbury Cycle Shelter

Designed to complement any contempoarary architectural style The Banbury Cycle Shelter is a BREEAM compliant free standing cycle storage option The Banbury can be coated in any BS or RAL colour

The VELOPA Banbury Cycle Shelter
The VELOPA Banbury Cycle Shelter is a fully modular, contemporary, cantilevered cycle shelter. Manufactured from mild steel and galvanised as standard to ensure its longevity, the Banbury Shelter is compatible with all standard height VELOPA cycle stands and racks. Two, three, four or five-metre extension bays can be added to achieve the desired shelter length.
Available ragged only, the Banbury Cycle Shelter can be colour coated to any standard BS or RAL colour as required; codes must be specified at time of order. A three-metre bay will house up to eight bicycles using Sheffield Cycle Stands, or 16 bicycles using a double height cycle rack. 

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