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Cycle Stands

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AUTOPA has been producing cycle stands in Britain using the VELOPA Brand since the 1950's when we introduced the original RS Bike Shed and Model R Bicycle Holder.  Since that time we've continually evolved our ranges to meet the changing demands and needs of cyclists.  We now offer our cycle stands in three core ranges; Heritage, Classic, and Contemporary.

VELOPA Model R Cycle Holder VELOPA Sheffield Cycle Stand VELOPA Duston Cycle Stand (Stainless Steel)
Heritage Cycle Stands Classic Cycle Stands Contemporary Cycle Stands Transport Cycle Stands
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Heritage Range Cycle Stands

The Heritage Cycle Stands Range are our most traditional style of Bicycle Stands and all are a very familiar sight throughout the UK.  The Model R Bicycle Holder, Model SR-V Bicycle Holder, and Model SU-V Bicycle Holder are all variations of the original Bicycle Holder we introduced to the UK during the 1950's; this type of Bike Holder is used by simply pushing the front wheel of the bicycle between the two grippers to hold the bike vertically.  The benefits of this design are the low cost, very effective and versatile use of space and familiarity for cyclists.  Both our Cycle Security Rail and Vertical Cycle Holder are equally simple in design and use.  The Cycle Security Rail is attached to a wall at approximately the height of the top tube of the frame which then allows a lock to attach the bicycle to the rail, our Vertical Bicycle Holder is designed to hook the front wheel of the bicycle with the whole bike hanging vertically.  Our Heritage Cycle Stands and Holders are our most cost effective cycle parking products and are available to buy directly from us, from our on-line shop or through our many distributors.  Find out more...

Classic Range Cycle Stands

Products from our VELOPA Classic Cycle Stands Range are an even more familiar sight in the UK than our Heritage Cycle Stand Range, the Sheffield Bicycle Stand has been the preferred stand style throughout the country for two decades.  We first introduced our 'Bicycle Security Stand (Model N) Sheffield Style' in 1994 and have been continually producing them ever since.  One of the reasons for the enduring popularity of the design is its simplicity, a tube of steel with two bends which allows for two bicycles to be leant against it and attached using the users own bicycle lock.  It's hard to find a town or village in the country that doesn't have a Sheffield Cycle Stand, and as one of the original producers, chances are it was made by AUTOPA!  Since the introduction of the VELOPA Sheffield Cycle Stand we have been continually developing the principle to provide a greater range of choice, but we have always stuck with the same basic recipe of materials robust enough to be used in public spaces combined with protection for the materials to ensure they look good for years; we always galvanise our mild steel products and finish our stainless steel to a very high standard.  It is possible to find a Sheffield Bike Stand for less than our product, but ours will last decades.  The other products in our Classic Cycle Stand Range are all variations of the original design; The Eco Sheffield Cycle Stand is a rolled hoop with a smaller footprint for more discrete installation, The Kirby Cycle Stand is another with a rolled hoop, but with a footprint similar to the Sheffield Bicycle Stand.  The Frankton Cycle Stand has a sloped top rail to give a different appearance.  The Clifton Cycle Stand, Hillmorton Cycle Stand, and Bilton Cycle Stand are all based on the Sheffield Cycle Stand but with different design features; The Clifton Cycle Stand has a diagonal tube inside the hoop, The Hilmorton Cycle Stand has a Cycle Parking Sign and the Bilton Cycle Stand has a horizontal tube.  The Rugby Cycle Stand is a little different and a little more complicated as it forms a 'P' shape, but it is made from the same materials and is equally easy to use.  The Wall Mounted Sheffield Cycle Stand is designed to be fixed to a wall and can be specified in virtually any length.  Find out more...

Contemporary Range Cycle Stands

The VELOPA Contemporary Cycle Stand Range takes the principles of the Classic Cycle Stand Range and adds extra design appeal.  These products are all available in both Stainless Steel (Grade 304) and Galvanised Mild Steel, using the same materials as employed in our Classic Cycle Stands.  The additional bends, curves and welded connections add elements to the designs that make these bicycle stands ideal for prestigious and design-led applications, whilst retaining the durability of all our products.  The Buckby Cycle Stand features a half-octagonal shape created by a series of four bends in the steel, giving a softer look than the Sheffield Cycle Stand.  The Dallington Stand, designed to complement the style of the Harbledown or Canterbury Cycle Shelters, has an inherent balance, a feature shared with the Harlestone Cycle Stand, a bike stand which complements the Bolton Bicycle Shelter.  The Duston Cycle Stand is a particularly popular design, perhaps because of it's resemblance to a shark fin, but more likely due to the similarity with our Boston and Stratford Cycle Shelters.  The VELOPA Kingsthorpe Cycle Stand is another stand with a design drawn from our range of Bicycle Shelters, in this case, the Cantilever Cycle Shelter.  The Ashby Stand, the final stand in our current range of Contemporary Cycle Stands is a simple peaked design.  All of these cycle stands are made to order in our Rugby Works, and because we have enormous experience of producing bike stands we are able to ensure that they fulfil the needs of cyclists.  Find out more...

Secure Range Cycle Stands

As a result of exhaustive testing AUTOPA developed our own solution to the issue of the provision of security in cycle stands, whereas some solutions involve complicated hinges, latches, and adjustments; true to our roots, we identified that the surest way to provide the highest level of security possible for a cycle stand, suitable for use in public spaces, is through strength.  Each bike stand within the Secure Range of Cycle Stands is designed around the principles we identified working with leading security industry professionals and ensure that this range of bicycle stands can withstand concerted and determined efforts to saw, cut, crop or batter them into submission.  It exhausts us even now to remember the effort.  The reinforcing panels are thick plate steel, that will wear down even the strongest, fittest and most determined thief if they attempt to destroy the stand to steal a bicycle.  The reinforcing panels are carefully sized to ensure that a typical heavy duty hacksaw cannot cut through in one cut, thus increasing the time necessary before the thief could make off with a bicycle.  The four designs in the range are all suitable for parking two bicycles and all would make anyone seeking to make off with a bicycle locked to them think twice.  Find out more...



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