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The Model R Cycle Holder from VELOPA

The Model R Cycle Holder is a simple, efficient method of safely parking bicycles. The holders are very easy to use; the front wheel of the bicycle is pushed into the holder, until gripped between holder's arms. If used correctly, no metal part of a well maintained cycle contacts the holder, only the tyre is gripped.

Near 60 year's of continual use;  The VELOPA Model R Cycle Holder is robust, reliable, long lasting.

  VELOPA Model R Cycle Holders  



  • Suitable for one bicycle.
  • For bolting to a suitable brick or concrete wall.
  • Manufactured from galvanised mild steel bar and tube.
  • Available set at 90 or 45 degree angles.
  • Can be used for single or double level parking (in conjunction with the VELOPA BC Ramp).


  • 310mm overall height
  • 203mm maximum from wall (90 deg.)
  • 178mm maximum from wall (45 deg.)
  • 89mm overall width

Additional information

  • For bolting to the wall only (10mm bolts are available extra)
  • BC ramps available to use with double level option (for details see data sheet).
  • Also available as a rack or stand.




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