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Heritage Cycle Stands

The Heritage Cycle Stands Range are our most traditional style of Bicycle Stands and all are a very familiar sight throughout the UK.  The Model R Bicycle Holder, Model SR-V Bicycle Holder and Model SU-V Bicycle Holder are all variations of the original Bicycle Holder we introduced to the UK during the 1950's

VELOPA Model R Cycle Holder VELOPA Model F Cycle Holder VELOPA Model SR(V) Cycle Holder VELOPA Model SU(V) Cycle Holder
Model R Cycle Holder Model F Cycle Holder Model SR(V) Cycle Holder Model SU(V) Cycle Holder
Prices from £28 Prices from £14 Prices from £43 Prices from £55
VELOPA BC Cycle Ramp VELOPA Cycle Security Rail VELOPA Vertical Cycle Holder  
BC Cycle Ramp Cycle Security Rail Vertical Cycle Holder  
Prices from £27 Prices from £49 Prices from £39  

(All prices exclude VAT & Delivery.  Quantity Discounts available)


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