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Motorcycle Security

VELOPA Motorcycle Security (Price List)

VELOPA Motorcycle Security products are designed to offer high levels of parking security for motorcycles.  The range consists of three products; The Motorcycle Security Barrier, which is based on a standard perimeter barrier, but with the addition of a central horizontal rail and the inclusion of steel bars in the legs and rail to greatly increase the difficulty of cutting through the tube.  The Motorcycle Security Loop - Bolt Down is a surface fixed loop for attaching a security chain between the motorcycle and the loop.  The Motorcycle Security Loop - Cast In is a variant of the Bolt Down Security Loop but is cast into the ground to offer an even more low profile installation.  All products in the VELOPA Motorcycle Security Range offer high levels of security for motorcycles attached to them with a high quality chain and lock.

VELOPA Motorcycle Security Barrier VELOPA Motorcycle Locking Loop - Bolt Down VELOPA Motorcycle Locking Loop - Cast In
£271 £102 £102

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