Manufactured in Great Britain

Sheffield Toastrack Cycle Rack


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The VELOPA Sheffield Toastrack Cycle Rack is floor fixed cycle rack based upon the Sheffield Cycle Stand. The Sheffield Toastrack Cycle Rack consists of Sheffield Cycle Stands welded at 800mm centres to floor fixed box section rails. The benefits of a Toastrack Cycle Rack over individual stand are reduced installation costs and pre-determined gaps between stands, each stand is suitable for parking two bicycles. The Sheffield Toastrack is ideal where cycle parking in large numbers is required.

The practical and durable nature of the VELOPA Sheffield Toastrack Cycle Rack ensures that the rack is suitable for all environments where high density of cycle parking is required. The Sheffield Toastrack is shown in galvanised finish; Galvanised & Coated finish and Stainless Steel are also available. 


  • Each rail is suitable for one or two bicycles (one each side).
  • Available flanged for bolting down only.
  • Manufactured from galvanised mild steel tube as standard.
  • Stainless steel finish is also available.


  • 750mm above ground.
  • 800mm overall width.
  • 48mm diameter tube.
  • 50mm square section base.
  • 3.2mm wall thickness (mild steel).
  • 2mm wall thickness (stainless steel).


  • Colour coated finishes also available.
  • Stainless steel is grade 316 is available to order.