Manufactured in Great Britain

Model SR(V) Cycle Holder


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The Model SR (V) is a freestanding variant of the simplest cycle holder, the Model R. A familiar sight throughout the UK, these holders allow the tyre of the bicycle to be supported. The Model SR (V) is suitable for a single bicycle. The stand is fixed to the ground, in either ragged (for casting into concrete) or flanged (for bolting down) versions and can be spaced at not less than 610mm between holders for cost effective cycle parking.

The practical and durable nature of the VELOPA Model SR (V) cycle holder ensures it has been consistently specified and used since it’s introduction in the 1950’s.  


  • SR(V) is suitable for one bicycle.
  • Available ragged for casting in or flanged for bolting down.
  • Manufactured from galvanised mild steel bar and tube.


  • 687mm height above ground
  • 43mm tube diameter
  • 203mm below ground (ragged version)