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Induction Loop


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Induction Loops are used in the control of the AUTOPA Automatic products i.e. Barriers and Bollards.  These loops are used to detect the presence of metal objects (i.e. cars) within the designated control areas assigned for the automatic installation.  When an object is detected and signal is sent to the connected automatic control system, the systems then responds according to how it has been configured.

These can operate the system independently or alongside other controls such as the remote control.


  • Up to three induction loops to a single automatic system
  • Can act as a safety loop for Automatic Arm Barrier
  • 4 sensitivity levels      


  • Power supply requirement: 230V AC:
  • Operating Temperature: -25 to +80c 


  • This Access Control Device is able to work alongside other control device such as Remote Controls, Intercoms and Keypads
  • Other access control systems are available, please ask for more information