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Functional yet striking, the AUTOPA Redroute Polyurethane Bollard has a classic and practical design. This bollard is best suited as part of traffic calming measures within an urban environment.

Cast in an engineering grade, heavy duty polymer, around an integral steel core, this bollard is corrosion and shatter proof. Available ragged and black only, polyurethane bollards are a durable replacement for traditional cast iron bollards.


  • Polyurethane Bollards are cast in an engineering grade, heavy duty polymer, Ultrathane 6000 in 70D hardness.
  • Fully pigmented and finished in black polyurethane paint as standard.
  • Other colours are available.
  • Cast around a mild steel core with 300mm root and anchoring bar for casting in.     


  • 950mm above ground
  • 300mm below ground
  • 150mm maximum diameter
  • 18kg gross weight


  • Can be manufactured as removable version