Manufactured in Great Britain

Land Rover is considered throughout the world as an icon of British Culture. When their state-of-the-art dealership in Stafford needed securing, they called on AUTOPA to help.



Installation Site

Land Rover, Stafford


Mitre Top (Stainless)

01 November 2017

Land Rover is considered throughout the world as an icon of British Culture. The car manufacturer specialises in making high quality 4x4s that have garnered attention from across the world and in 1951 were awarded a Royal Warrant that they have kept to this day. Demand for their cars has been increasing year on year and to try to meet this heightened demand for their products, Land Rover developed a new state-of-the-art dealership in Stafford. This new dealership was the first of its kind and later paved the way for the design of future developments as well as bringing all existing dealerships into the 21st century.

Having a high value and large quantity of stock on display meant that the threat of theft was a possibility, a possibility that Land Rover needed to ensure didn’t happen. To assist in making sure this didn’t happen, they called on AUTOPA, a Vehicle Access Control specialist with over 60 years of experience supplying products to the likes of high quality car manufacturers Aston Martin, Porsche and Audi.

After considering all available options for the site, Land Rover decided to use Stainless Steel Mitre Top Bollards to secure the site. The sharp and decorative design of the AUTOPA Mitre Top Bollards echoed the style of Land Rover’s cars and architecture of the new dealership, while living up to the quality the brand it’s known for. When construction was completed, Land Rover were left with a new and secure site that allowed them to meet the heightened demand from their customers.