Manufactured in Great Britain

AUTOPA was asked to provide a selection of perimeter access control products for a new Mercedes Benz dealership in Shrewsbury.


Mercedes Benz

Installation Site

Mercedes Benz, Shrewsbury


Perimeter Barriers (Stainless Steel), , RetractaPost-GL 745 (Stainless)

11 February 2015

The Drayton Group runs seven Mercedes Benz dealerships across the West Midlands. Synonymous with quality and precision, Mercedes Benz is a market leading brand. In June 2014, the Drayton group opened a brand new state-of-the-art dealership in Shrewsbury thereby ensuring that all their dealerships reflected the Mercedes Benz brand values.

With a large car stock, and a showroom built for 25 cars, securing the new site was critical. Although protecting the site from unauthorised vehicle access was top of their priorities, the group owners did not want a customer's view of their stock being impeded by security fencing.

Enter AUTOPA. AUTOPA Limited is a leading supplier to the car showroom industry and has a wealth of experience providing perimeter security items to automotive dealerships. As a UK manufacturer, AUTOPA is ideally placed to meet a customer's exact needs. The solution that AUTOPA supplied the Drayton Group included a mix of bespoke and "off the shelf" items.

Custom-made perimeter barriers were supplied for installation around the dealership. These barriers formed a permanent boundary between the forecourt and the wider retail park and were manufactured to the group's exact requirements at AUTOPA's works in Rugby.

Once installed the barriers measured 650mm above the ground making them tall enough to prevent vehicle traffic both on and off the forecourt. However, as the barriers only reached "bumper height" the customer's view of the cars on sale was not affected.

Protecting the stock was not the only issue the new dealership was facing. Situated on a busy retail park with a large traffic flow, preventing unauthorised parking was essential. The dealership wanted to stop people parking in entrances while still preserving the access point.

The product chosen for this task was AUTOPA's RetractaPost GL. When deployed these telescopic posts provide a highly effective means to prevent against unwanted vehicle access, but can be raised and lowered as required. Again, perfect for this application. Finally, stainless steel bollards were purchased to complete the access protection around the remainder of the site.

AUTOPA manufactured and supplied these products to the customer's exact requirements. Once installed these items provided an unobtrusive security barrier around the entire site. Reflecting the quality and precision which Mercedes is famous for.