Manufactured in Great Britain

AUTOPA was asked to provide lighting for a popular thoroughfare to and from the university.


N T Killingley, Derbyshire

Installation Site

Nottingham University


GFC9000i Illuminated Bollard

28 February 2015

In 2011, Nottingham University contacted AUTOPA about their Beeston Lane Park area. Situated adjacent to the university, the park is used as a popular cut through for students travelling to and from the main university campus.

To ensure the security of students walking through the park at night, the university wanted to install lights along the path sections of the park. Due to overhanging trees it was agreed that standard street lamps were not suitable in this situation. The university were looking for a lower profile solution that still provided the area with sufficient lighting coverage.

The solution? AUTOPA open spaces GFC9000i Illuminated Bollard.  Available in galvanised and coated mild steel, or stainless steel, this classic illuminated bollard can be used to compliment a range of architectural designs.

To create a perfect light spread, the head unit encases a stack of handcrafted aluminium louvres. The light sits 1m above the ground, thereby lighting the path and the surrounding area, and the robust design makes it ideal for busy public spaces such as the university.

The AUTOPA team worked closely with the university's on site electrical engineers, to determine the most economical layout for the bollards. Once completed, 72 GFC900i bollards were installed around the campus, covering the entire footpath area.