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AUTOPA was asked to provide a variety of street furniture products which would enhance the external environment



Installation Site

Partington Shopping Centre


RetractaPost-GL 500 (Stainless),

05 February 2015

Leading building and engineering company CPUK recently engaged AUTOPA Limited to supply and install a number of street furniture and parking control products for the new Partington Shopping Village.

The shopping centre is the first stage of a larger regeneration plan for the small town which includes the building of 550 new homes and the creation of a four mile recreational loop around the village. Once complete, the developers envision the new village area will make Partington a more attractive place to live, work and visit

Alongside the shopping centre is a new village square, complete with a large landscaped 'village green' which is expected to become a focal point for the community. In order to encourage visitors to interact with their surroundings, AUTOPA was asked to provide a number of street furniture products that would enhance the external environment. The products selected for this purpose were the Rockingham Bench and the Flare Topped Bin. Hailing from the same design family, these products were designed to complement each other as well as the other parking control and cycle security products in use on site.

Creating a usable landscaped area was not the only issue faced by the developers. With a large number of pedestrians and vehicles anticipated to be on site every day, it was crucial that visitors could move around the site safely.

To protect pedestrian areas from unauthorised vehicles, RetractaPost GL's were installed. When deployed, these telescopic posts prevent vehicles from entering the area whilst maintaining access in case of emergency. Stainless steel bollards were installed throughout the site to provide a physical demarcation between the pedestrian and vehicle areas. Finally, column protectors and bumper rails were installed in the car park to protect vehicles and street lights from damage. All the products were carefully selected from AUTOPA's extensive street furniture collection.

The Partington Shopping Village opened in December, just in time for the Christmas rush, and so far the response has been positive. The products that AUTOPA supplied and installed, have helped to create an attractive and welcoming setting for shoppers and are guaranteed to last for many years to come.