Manufactured in Great Britain


Talbot Design Seale Ltd

Installation Site

Porsche, Solihull


Perimeter Barriers (Stainless Steel)

02 March 2012

AUTOPA manufactured and supplied 37 hooped perimeter barriers for the new build ‘Porsche’ showroom at Solihull. AUTOPA's hooped barriers were chosen over competitor products for this site primarily because they are hot dipped galvanised under the powder coated finish (unlike some competitor products), AUTOPA's price was also competitive even with the additional treatment and due to AUTOPA's in-house manufacturing facilities bespoke sizes can be manufactured.

These hooped barriers are ragged for casting in, 500mm above ground x 2500mm overall length, galvanised and powder coated RAL7021 as specified by the client. AUTOPA have supplied many car show rooms with hooped barriers as well as a variety of other vehicle access control products such as telescopic posts and fixed bollards.

All of AUTOPA's mild steel products are hot dip galvanised whether galvanised is the end finish or the products are to be colour coated. Galvanising provides a highly enhanced life expectancy over non galvanised products making them extremely cost effective and less likely to need regular replacement.