Manufactured in Great Britain

AUTOPA was asked to create a bespoke shelter to house a set of automatic doors


Sydenhams Builders Merchants

Installation Site

Sydenhams Builders Merchants, Newport, Isle of Wight


12 January 2015

The Newport, Isle of Wight, branch of Sydenhams Builders Merchants recently underwent a radical renovation. The business had been on the premises for over 15 years and felt that a complete overhaul was needed in order to maintain its appeal to customers; an overhaul which included updating its entranceway.

To keep with the fresh, modern theme the Branch Manager was aiming for, Sydenhams wanted to transform the main entrance into a fully enclosed structure that would protect customers as they entered and left the store. As well as protecting customers from the elements, Sydenhams wanted the shelter to act as a frame for the automatic sliding doors they intended to install at a later date. Unsure how to proceed, Sydenhams contacted us after reading about a similar project that we undertook for Huws Gray Builders Merchants in Wales.

It was clear from the start of this project that a bespoke solution was required in order to fully meet Sydenhams’ expectations. The top priority for the store was to create a fully enclosed structure. This was a must, and after discussing the available options with the Branch Manager, it was agreed that an adapted version of the AUTOPA open spaces Walkway was best suited for the site. The Walkway’s flexible design ticked all of Sydenhams’ boxes, and could easily accommodate both the automatic doors and the side panels needed to fully enclose the shelter.

In addition to manufacturing the shelter to Sydenhams’ requirements, a couple of further tweaks were needed to adapt the shelter to fit the site. The side panels were shortened to account for two short walls had been built on site adjacent to the existing doorway. By reducing the height of the side panels, the walls became part of the final design rather than attempting to compete with it. The roof was extended slightly at the front to create a slight overhang. This was done to protect the automatic doors underneath, ensuring that rainwater would not drip into the door mechanisms in inclement weather. Finally, the whole shelter was coated blue to match Sydenhams’ brand colours and match the other colours used on site.

The result was a tailor made shelter that fits seamlessly into its environment, creating an appealing an attractive entranceway that boosts the visual appeal of the whole site. Shortly after the shelter was installed we contacted Sydenhams to check they were happy with the shelter. Sydenhams’ response? “Brilliant”. With the addition of the automatic doors, the shelter has created the fully enclosed entranceway that Sydenhams was looking for, and will continue to welcome customers into the branch for many years to come.