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Type E Cycle Rack


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The VELOPA Type E Cycle Rack is a floor mounted cycle rack based upon the Model R Holder. The Type E offers a high cycle parking density with cycle stands on two sides, the alternating high and low holders allow for high cycle parking density of 305mm between stands.

The practical and durable nature of the VELOPA Type E Cycle Rack ensures that the rack is suitable for all environments where high density, single sided controlled cycle parking is required. 


  • A double sided cycle rack with parking centres of 305mm.
  • A Type E for 20 bicycles will fit under an AX4 double sided cycle shelter.
  • Made from galvanised steel tube, section, bar & plate.
  • Available ragged for casting in to concrete or flanged for bolting down.
  • Can be made to accommodate any quantity of bicycles.
  • All racks are made to order.


  • 686mm overall height.
  • 1956mm overall width.
  • 305mm centres.
  • Overall length depends on quantity of holders.


  • Not available colour coated.
  • Shipped in sections for assembly on site.
  • Ramp ends require bolting down.