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Double Swing Gate


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The AUTOPA Double Swing Gate is a manually operated gate, ideal for securing entrances to large industrial and commercial sites. Gates can be locked in both the open and closed positions (additional catch posts are required) using a padlock (available separately) or can be designed to lock closed to one another if required.

Robust and reliable, the Double Swing Gate has several safety features incorporated into its design as standard; including, a short leading edge beam, low bottom edge and a self-latching catch post. All these combined reduce the chances of the gate swinging open unexpectedly, while also decreasing the risk of injury should it do so. 

Manufactured from galvanised mild steel, the gate is colour coated red as standard (other colours are available upon request; please state BS/RAL numbers at time of order) and is available ragged or flanged.


  • Main Body: 120mm x 120mm square tube
  • Main Gate Arm: 60mm x 60mm square tube
  • Catch Post Body: 90mm x 50mm tube
  • 600mm below ground (ragged gate only)
  • 400mm below ground (ragged catch post only)