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Perimeter Barrier | Hooped Barrier High-Vis


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The AUTOPA range of Black & Yellow products are ideal for providing High Visibility protection in both internal and external warehousing environments. All products in the range are galvanised mild steel, ensuring their longevity and are designed to take the knocks and bumps that occur in all warehouses.

The Black & Yellow Perimeter (Hooped) Barrier is available either 500mm or 1000mm above ground and in a range of diameters (48mm, 60mm, 76mm, 90mm).  Coated yellow with black reflective bands and is available in 1000mm, 1500mm & 2000mm wide versions. The barrier can be supplied with or without a horizontal rail. The product is designed to be located in anywhere a physical barrier is required to protect product, machinery, racking or similar.


  • Fully galvanised
  • Coated Yellow with Black bands      


  • 48mm, 60mm, 76mm or 90mm Steel Tube
  • 500mm, 1000mm above ground
  • 100mm, 15000mm, 2000mm wide


  • Optional horizontal cross rail