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The AUTOPA Manchester Polyurethane Bollard has a traditional design and offers an elegant and robust access control solution. Ideal for use around shops, pavements and parking areas, this bollard can be used individually or as a part of wider traffic calming measures.

Corrosion and shatter proof, this bollard is cast in an engineering grade, heavy duty polymer around a steel core. Available ragged and black only, polyurethane bollards are a durable like for like replacement for traditional cast iron bollards.


  • Polyurethane Bollards are cast in an engineering grade, heavy duty polymer, Ultrathane 6000 in 70D hardness.
  • Fully pigmented and finished in black polyurethane paint as standard.
  • Other colours are available.
  • Cast around a mild steel core with 300mm root and anchoring bar for casting in.     


  • 970mm above ground
  • 300mm below ground
  • 219mm maximum diameter
  • 22kg gross weight