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Trinity Stainless Fixed Posts


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The AUTOPA Trinity Stainless Steel Fixed Post is 900mm tall and is ideal for all modern developments where the clean and elegant appearance of stainless steel is desired.

The Posts are available in both Ragged (for casting in to concrete) and flanged (for bolting down) in a wide range of sizes; from 60mm to 204mm outside diameter.

The AUTOPA Trinity Fixed Post is shown in 101mm Ragged and installed at a supermarket.


  • Round Bollards come with slightly domed welded caps
  • Standard finish is brushed stainless steel grade 304
  • 900mm above ground.  1,200mm overall length (Ragged only).
  • Grade 316 stainless steel available on request.
  • Brushed/satin finish is standard to 240 grit.      


  • 900mm above ground
  • 300mm below ground (Ragged only)
  • 2mm wall thickness
  • 60-204mm OD 


  • Also available flanged for bolting down and removable in most sizes.
  • Reinforced option available.
  • Reinforced bollards are not available removable or flanged.
  • Reflective tape available extra.