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Creating an extensive, modern cycle storage space for NPS Humber was no problem for AUTOPA.


NPS Group

Installation Site

NPS Humber


, Sheffield Cycle Stand, Sheffield Toastrack Cycle Rack

27 July 2016

The cycle parking at NPS’s Humber office was not able to cope with the daily heavy usage expected. The renowned property management consultancy had a large, secure yard, but it was not maximising the available space and a significant cycle parking upgrade was desperately needed.

Two small, rusting shelters provided the only covered cycle storage available on site. Beneath one, a cramped vertical cycle rack offered cyclists somewhere safe to secure their bicycles, whilst the other only offered loose shelter. Aging cycle racks provided a few extra secure storage points but they were not covered, leaving bicycles stored on them exposed to the elements. Frequently over-filled, and clearly out-dated, the cycle storage was reaching the end of its lifespan and in need of an upgrade.

NPS contacted cycle storage specialist AUTOPA to help resolve its cycle parking issues. To fully understand the project, one of AUTOPA’s experienced installers visited NPS Humber to conduct a site survey. With a great deal of space available they determined that one large bank of VELOPA Cambourne Cycle Shelters would be ideal for creating the covered space desired.

A robust shelter, the Cambourne is ideal for commercial settings; manufactured from galvanised mild steel, it can withstand the inevitable knocks that come with frequent use on a busy site. Available in standard lengths of three and four metres, optional extension bays allow the shelter to be extended to suit any site, a feature that NPS took full advantage of! Two ten metre shelters, each consisting of a three metre main bay and two extension bays were installed in the centre of the yard. Positioned back to back, the shelters created an open, welcoming space, while a final, nine metre shelter replaced the existing standalone shelter at the rear of the area.

To complete the installation AUTOPA fitted nine VELOPA Sheffield Cycle Racks beneath the shelters, creating covered cycle storage for up to 58 bicycles. A further 36 VELOPA Sheffield Cycle Stands were installed around the perimeter of the storage area, providing 72 additional bicycle parking spaces.

The new parking facilities have greatly improved the cycle parking on site. Gone are the cramped and rusting shelters and in their place are new and modern parking facilities. The designated parking area can now easily accommodate up to 130 bicycles at any time, with covered spaces for up to 58 bicycles. More popular than ever, the new cycle parking is used every day, with cyclists no longer having to fight for a secure space.